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  • Listening to: Ranma and Akane fighting
  • Reading: Youtube Comments
  • Watching: Ranma 1/2
  • Playing: OoT. Dreading the day I enter the Water Temple...
  • Eating: Roasted Chicken
  • Drinking: Good Ol' Cola
Dang. I'm into Ranma 1/2 again. Blame Bowserisdabest. He just had to watch it. Well, anyway yeah, I'm watching it. I still don't understand how it's perverted... I mean I watched it when I was like, what, 10? And my parents were cool with it. And don't you dare gimme that "they don't think you understand" crap. I was 10. I'm in 4th Grade by then. So shut up. But on a side note, cast is off, B'day's today as in June 30th 2010 which officially makes me 14. Hooray! That's all for this update so yeah. I'll stop typing now...


Sarcastic and cynical. That's what I'm usually called. I usually do sprites but I may do some pixelarts from time to time.

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